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Treatment Options for Fractures

If you’ve been diagnosed with a fracture, you may have been recommended several treatment options, such as a casting, surgery, physical therapy, and medications. Below is information regarding each of those treatment options. Cast Because a fracture is a break in the bone, healing of a fracture requires that the bone fuses together until the […]

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Is Minimally Invasive Surgery Right For You?

If you’ve been experiencing ongoing joint pain you’ve probably, at some point, visited an orthopedist. If this is the case –you may have heard the suggestion for minimally invasive surgery as an alternative to your months (or even years) of more conservative treatments. Whether you are considering minimally invasive surgery at the recommendation of your […]

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How Physical Therapy Helps in Recovering from Surgery

If you have just undergone surgery, or have a surgery scheduled, then physical therapy may be right for you. Here’s why: 1. Helps to Reduce Pain The choice to undergo surgery is usually made after every other treatment option has failed. This is because surgery, unlike pain medications or injections, can sometimes result in weeks […]

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