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What are Nerve Blocks?

Since pain is the result of aggravated nerves, pain management doctors often look for ways to impair pain-causing nerves.

One way of accomplishing this task is by utilizing a procedure called a nerve block. A nerve block is a procedure in which medication is injected in to the nerve in order to cut off or “block” the nerve’s ability to send pain signals to the brain. In doing so, the nerve is numbed and the patient no longer experience the sensation of pain caused by that nerve.

Why Are Nerve Blocks Recommended?

Nerve blocks are primarily used for pain along the spine. Doctors can recommend nerve blocks for diagnostic, preventive, and/or therapeutic purposes.

  • Diagnostic cases: A temporary, or short-term, nerve block is injected in order to determine the specific nerve that is causing the pain.
  • Preventive cases: The patient usually already has a history of chronic pain, with a pattern of flare-ups. For such a patient, a nerve block can prevent future flare-ups of pain.
  • Therapeutic cases: The nerve block is injected strictly to relieve pain.

The reasons for a patient undergoing a nerve block often overlap.

Are Nerve Blocks Right For You?

Most doctors recommend nerve blocks when conservative options have already been tried and failed – such as physical therapy and medications.  It is recommended that you always talk to your doctor about your treatment options.  He or she can guide you through a treatment plan that is right for you. For more information on nerve blocks procedures and other types of minimally invasive surgery and the surgeons at the Orangewood Surgical Center, call (714) 221-4236, or visit OSCsurgical.com.

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