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Spine Surgery

The spine surgeons at OSC use minimally-invasive approaches to treat back and neck pain at the source. Our spinal procedures utilize small incisions and advanced surgical instruments to minimize the size and scale of the surgical site. Our cutting-edge, minimally-invasive techniques are used to treat most back injuries – from disc herniations to sciatica – and result in faster recovery and fewer side effects than most traditional open approaches to spine surgery.

Types of Spine Surgery:


Fusion is usually performed when the joints of the spine become loose. During a fusion, two vertebrae are meshed or ‘fused’ together with a bone graft. The surgeon will place a bone graft between or over the affected vertebrae and fixate them with surgical screws to insure stability. This helps to stabilize the joint and reduce pain.


When a disc is herniated or swollen it will often times put pressure on a surrounding nerve root, leading to pain and inflammation. A laminectomy is a surgery in which the goal is to remove the lamina (a bony layer behind the vertebra) that is causing pressure on the nerve roots. Once the lamina is removed, the pressure on the nerve is reduced and the inflammation and pain will begin to subside.


A microdiscectomy is performed for the same goal as a laminectomy – to relieve pressure of the nerve root or spinal canal from a herniated or bulging disc. With the help of magnification and a small incision, the surgeon is able to remove part of a disc that is damaged and/or herniated.

Other spinal conditions and procedures include:


• Herniated disc
• Sciatica
• Stenosis
• Fractures
• Spasms
• Inflammation
• Sprains or Tears


• Fusion
• Laminectomy
• Microdiscectomy
• Decompression
• Balloon Kyphoplasty
• Disc Replacement
• Vertebroplasty

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